Assembly Celebrates Linda Hewson’s 20 Years at Beechboro Christian School

Found in: School News | Published on: 31 July 2017

On Thursday 20 July, the entire Beechboro Christian School came together to celebrate beloved art teacher, Linda Hewson, on her twentieth year of teaching at the school.

Head of Campus, Michael Bolan, invited Mrs Hewson on stage and thanked her for her dedication to the school and her passion for teaching.

“This week, not only have we celebrated the fact that Linda Hewson has been at Beechboro Christian School for 20 years, but we also acknowledge how many lives she has impacted in a positive way throughout this time”, said Mr Bolan.

“Her dedication and passion in her teaching, and the way that she has prayerfully served the school community, and ultimately God, is truly inspiring to those who have the privilege of knowing and working with such an amazing woman of God.

“She has been part of the very fabric that has been woven together over the years, creating the special community and sense of belonging, that everyone comments on when visiting Beechboro Christian School”, he said.

Throughout the assembly, two students from each class presented Mrs Hewson with a gift, starting with a large card from the Year 6 students, and including a bouquet of paper flowers from the younger students.

The students also performed a special song for Mrs Hewson, titled “Who is the queen of the art room”, sung to the tune of ‘Who is the King of the Jungle’ by Colin Bucannon.

“Who is the Queen of the art room, Who is the Queen of the scene,

Who’s the Queen of the paints and glue, the pencils and the dreams

I’ll tell you…

H – E – W –S –ON she’s the queen of these,

She’s the queen of the art room, our teacher, she’s supreme”

Mrs Hewson joined the school in 1997, as the teacher of the first dedicated Kindergarten class, and subsequently taught in Pre-Primary for many years before becoming the school’s art teacher in 2010.

Her philosophy is based on the Reggio Emilia approach that everyone is a teacher, and that parents, grandparents, and teachers must partner together in education. 

Over the years, Mrs Hewson has been key in running the junior and senior choirs, and for many years she ran all the school concerts.

She led the school’s Wednesday afternoon clubs, and she organised the welcome of seniors in the community to enter the school as helpers.

“We’re going to continue to celebrate you this week and throughout the term, because you’re a wonderful teacher, and we all love having you at this school”, said Mr Bolan at the close of the ceremony.