Why Curiosity did not Kill the Cat

Found in: SCEA News | Published on: 26 August 2016

James Nottingham, Founder and Executive Director of Challenging Learning, addressed the SCEA Parent Community as a part of the 2016 Better Education Conference. His session was titled "Why Curiosity did not Kill the Cat", where he looks at how learning and abilities can be improved by changing our mentality. 


In the first segment, James e explores the characteristics of a fixed mindset which discourages challenges and has a ‘I can’t do this’ attitude, in comparison to a growth mindset which seeks challenges and looks at way to improve abilities.

As parents, how we talk about success to ourselves and others in turn influences our children’s attitude and approach to learning and their learning capabilities. When given a choice, children will pick the activities they can do well because they will receive praise for being successful. Therefore, we need to foster a growth mindset when we praise and give feedback to our kids as it is this positive mindset which correlates with success, rather than intelligence.

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