What do a Fraud Inspector, an Anglican Minister and SCEA Teacher Have in Common?

Found in: SCEA News | Published on: 02 February 2016

Much to the delight of his students, Mr Stephen Pivetta, Year 5/6 Teacher at Beechboro Christian School, agreed to be interviewed in front of his class.  Not only was there value in them experiencing the interview process first hand, they certainly enjoyed getting to know a little more about their very special teacher, especially when they were able to ask some very astute questions themselves!

Stephen is a front-runner of today’s generation, where multiple careers have become the norm.  Here’s what he had to say about his first career:

I studied accounting but was no good at it really. However, I a got a job at a bank, and later at the Attorney General’s Department in Canberra, investigating white collar crime such as fraud, misappropriation, looking at people trying to steal or change identities. 

In these years I learned a lot about how the criminal mind works and that it actually takes a criminal to catch a criminal. So I learned about me as well, as it turned out I wasn’t too bad at it!

Stephen decided to leave that field behind when he realised of the great need for people to be under God’s word. He felt God saying that he was sent to Canberra to train up for ministry. Stephen studied for 4 years at More College in Sydney.

I would say that going into full time ministry is just an extension of being in active ministry anyway as in my 20’s I was very active in the local church & evangelism.

I worked in two very different parishes as a pastor.  The first church was in a low socio economic area and I have never met people more hungry to know Jesus than at that church. The second was almost the opposite. It was in a middle class, professional area and the people were very time pressed which made it hard for them to focus on their relationships, including their relationship with God & the church.

Stephen thought he would be over East for the long term but when he received a call out of the blue from a man from the Church Missionary Society who was retiring from a position in Perth, his wife an he knew a new door was being opened.

He worked with the CMS for 7 years and when it became time to move on, it wasn’t a good time to move the family interstate again. After much thought and prayer, Stephen felt a teaching position to be a very logical next move as he had done a lot of scripture teaching in NSW.

As you get older, you have a limited shelf life and I just want to use every day the Lord has given me.

I have been part of BCS staff for just over 3 years and, despite a hard first year, I have had some really great highlights, not least the realisation that I am a crucial part of the development of a young person’s life.

The floor was then opened to the students who asked some great questions:

Why did you become a Christian?

Like some of you, I had the true blessing of being brought up in a reasonably Christian family. In those days there was more of a church culture than a Christian culture. In my early teenage years I stood up and said ‘yes, I want to follow the Lord Jesus.’

If you could go back to any role, which one would it be?

If there were no other considerations involved, I wouldn’t mind going back in for another few years to chase a few crooks. However, that’s not where the Lord wants me and I am very thankful to God for being able to do what I am doing here.

Is there a specific person you admire?

Yes, various people at various times. I am particularly in awe of a friend in ministry who plugs away, year by year, consistently for the Kingdom.

What place would you like to visit?

When I worked for CMS, I travelled to Africa, Asia & parts of Europe and really liked Africa, especially Namibia.

What is your favourite special day at BCC?

I love Compassion day as it has the potential for us to learn so much.

What is your favourite childhood book?

Books like the Secret Seven are right at the top of my list as you can get right into the characters. In a way, I still like them!

What is the food you like least?

Pumpkin & spinach, but don’t tell your parents that I said that!

What would your dream home look like?

I like homes that are small and characterful.

What is your favourite food?

My wife is Australian born Chinese and loves to cook spicy food.

If you could have a pet, what would it be?

Definitely a Labrador!

If you had a super power, what would it be?

I’d love the normal power of being able to see without glasses.


You can contact Stephen here to ask him your own question.