Welcome Tony Stopher

Found in: SCEA News | Published on: 19 November 2015

SCEA has the God-given ability to attract extraordinary people to our Association.  This month we welcome, Tony Stopher, former Principal of St Mark’s Anglican School, to the SCEA family as Education Consultant. We ask him three burning questions:

 Can you tell us one thing you are passionate about?

I am passionate about people and relationships. Knowing people is important.  People want to be known. When you work in an organization where you want people to do their best, genuinely knowing people and understanding the things they care about, makes a difference. We are all made in the image of God and every single person is equally important because of that Biblical fact.

In my 25 years at St Mark’s, I was known for being stern but fair and was pleased that people valued my relational approach and consistently sought me out for advice.

What is your role within SCEA?

After retiring in 2012, I wanted to equip myself for what I might do next and therefore undertook a Graduate Diploma in Divinity at Trinity College in 2013.  How fitting that my role here is two fold:

Firstly, as a Christian Education Consultant, working with schools in implementing the Biblical Foundations Curriculum Framework and developing relevant materials. I’d love to achieve cohesion across schools for delivery of the BFCF and help provide systems to make that happen.

Secondly, I will be supporting Mathilda Joubert in her work with the schools as they continue to develop School Improvement Plans. We will be visiting the schools, working with senior staff to bring the plans to life.

I also see my role as being a sounding board for the Principals.

Why does working at SCEA appeal to you?

I love the fact that our schools are overtly Christian communities, teaching from an integrated Biblical perspective and with all Christian staff.

In the more traditional church schools, staff are required to ‘support’ the Christian Ethos of the school but not actually ‘be’ Christian.

SCEA’s ethos is more clearly defined, you are clear on what you stand for and there is great synergy and alignment with what churches are trying to do.

Furthermore, I believe I have an expertise in providing support, sound advice and encouragement and do so regularly as part of the Board positions I hold. By coming to SCEA, I get paid to do what I have always enjoyed doing.


Tony can be contacted via tony.stopher@scea.wa.edu.au. Let’s make him feel extra welcome.