The Man Behind the Voice

Found in: SCEA News | Published on: 02 October 2016


All the Questions in the World by John Beadle 


I asked God "Who?" and He answered "Those I Love."

I asked God "What?", "On the Earth as up above."

I asked God "When?", "Anytime there is a need."

I asked God "Where?", "Anywhere I place a seed."

I asked God "How?" and he showed me all my flaws.

I asked God "Why?" then we lived out our because.


Chances are that if you have ever phoned the helpful ITC Support team on x444, you may have spoken to John Beadle.

A stable, patient, caring deep-thinker, John loves SCEA for its diverse yet integrated Christian Community, and the fact that we get to share our journey and faith in daily life.

Next time you speak to John, why not ask him about some of his passions:

1) Technology

No surprises here! With a degree in Computer Science, John started in IT at 14, helping older people at church learn how to send emails. In the past decades he has continued to tutor and volunteer.

I see technology as an enabler, serving people. It should be like a light bulb, which improves the quality of life without intrusion. It is clearly something that will be more seamlessly integrated into the future and I am particularly passionate to ensure no one gets left behind.

2) Youth & Community

John’s diploma in Youth and Community work is evidence of his desire to play his part in fostering a healthy community.  In addition to working at Anglicare and Parkerville Children and Youth Care for three years, John has also been employed by, and worked as a volunteer at, Fusion Australia.

As part of Fusion I have been blessed to be involved with community events around the Olympic Games in Athens and Beijing which was incredible.  I have also had the honour of providing support and training to the heroes on the ground making a day to day difference in places like China, Greece, Ghana, Jamaica, England and Germany as well as across Australia. I have a passion for integration in community as God intended, both locally and globally.

3) Storytelling

One of John’s favourite hobbies is interactive story telling.  He started enjoying informal role-play via the internet in his early teens and has been creating and running role-play games for groups since his university days.

I love words and story telling, it my canvas and my art. I love that it is entertainment everyone builds as a group, not passive consumption.  One of the favourite games I ran was based on the Jews during the Babylon Exile, it ran for two years with a four hour gathering every fortnight.  By the end the players and myself all finished with a much deeper understanding of that part of history.

One of John’s future plans is to launch Apps for practical ways to improve our quality of life using the latest technology. Watch this space!