Thank You to Geoff Dunjey

Found in: SCEA News | Published on: 05 August 2016

Earlier this week, we learned that Mr Geoff Dunjey’s chapter at Beechboro Christian School would be coming to a close after nineteen years of amazing service.

Geoff started as a teacher at Beechboro Christian School in the late 90s and throughout his time at the campus in Bennett Springs, has encompassed all of the qualities that students, staff and parents value about the school.


 “I must acknowledge the dedication and commitment to our school that Geoff has demonstrated in his time as a teacher and as the Head of Campus,” said Mr. Justin Krause, Principal of Beechboro Christian School and Ellenbrook Christian College.

“Geoff will be seeking to further his career with an organisation that caters for students who have not succeeded in traditional schooling environments and need specialist support.

“Naturally towards the end of the year we will formally farewell Geoff in a manner befitting his role and contribution, in other words, in true Beechboro style. I know that you join me in sincerely thanking Geoff and wish him well as he moves to his next calling,” he said.

During his time at Beechboro Christian School, Geoff played a major role in championing activities that celebrate the school’s Christian values and unique sense of community, such as Compassion Day, Harmony Day, the Bennett Springs Fair and countless others.

“Commonly known as Mr. D, he should really be known as Mr C because of his genuine qualities that we know and love – Compassionate, Caring, Community, Consistent, Curious, Crazy, Clumsy,” shared one staff member at Beechboro.

Admired by staff and students alike, Mr Dunjey today received this message from Erin Streeton, graduate of Beechboro Christian School and current Captain of Swan Christian College:

“Mr D is an enthusiastic, caring and fun teacher. He has taught me so much, not just academically but in all areas of my daily life. He is a great role model and a hard working person, always putting others needs before his own. He will be dearly missed and I am so grateful to have had him as a teacher and mentor. I know that he will always be someone I can approach for support and guidance.”

There are many stories that we could share about Geoff from his sense of compassion and community to his craziness and what he has done for the school, but what Geoff inspires in all of us is the need to spread the gospel with love and integrity. 

Needless to say, he will be dearly missed and we wish him all the very best for the future.