Seven Things You Should Know About SCEA’s Teacher Training

Found in: SCEA News | Published on: 19 August 2016

SCEA is offering a range of Teacher Training degrees from 2017, here's what you should know:

1) Why Should I Care?

As you passionately believe in Christian Education, there are a number of things you can do to further the cause:

  • Help get the word about SCEA’s Teacher Training Degrees to your students, friends, family, and church and encourage attendance at the information evening;
  • Pray for the SCEA Institute and prospective students;
  • Consider lecturing (1/2 day per week, more info here);
  • Come and study with us;
  • Get involved by supervising prac students; and
  • Like us on Facebook and follow us on LinkedIn

2) Why SCEA Now Offers Teacher Training

To achieve our long held vision 'to be leaders of effective Christian education in WA’, we must take responsibility for training up great teachers to deliver this effective Christian education.

We all know that great Christian teachers have the capacity to change lives. Isn’t that the message of the gospel too?

3) Why SCEA has Partnered with Tabor College of Higher Education

Tabor is well known for providing rigorous tertiary education in the context of a Christian world-view. Tabor degrees offer integrated academic, spiritual and practical education and training - a balance of head, heart and hand. 

Due to the high proportion of practical placement days and the relational teaching style, Tabor students enjoy high employability and are greatly respected in the school community as 'teachers with heart'. Feedback from Principals is that Tabor students are known for their ability to apply strategies, their preparedness, excellence in programming and their ability work well with parents. Most importantly, they are highly experienced, teachable and ready to change the world. 

4) What Accreditation the Courses Provide

Our courses are fully accredited by TEQSA, AITSL and the Teacher Registration Board and have the same level of accreditation as a teaching degree from any other university.

Importantly, eligible students are able to obtain HECS-HELP and FEE-HELP loans to cover the cost of tuition fees, similar to other universities.

Our courses equip students to teach in any school, with specific units designed to point out differences between teaching in Christian schools and government schools.

“Teaching is a true calling – a career dedicated to serving others. Mostly joyous, at times challenging, but always meaningful.”

Mathilda Joubert, Principal of SCEA Institute of Teaching and Learning

5) What is Unique about SCEA’s Teacher Training

All our courses are taught with a Christian worldview, encouraging students to become the men and women God created them to be. Ours is the only undergraduate face-to-face, Christian, Teacher Training in WA.

Our intake is kept small so each student is known by name. Lecturers deliver a highly relational learning experience.

The courses offer a notable amount of in-school professional experience days, far exceeding minimum government requirements. Students will gain experience working in independent, government and rural schools and will see all aspects of school life by spending time in a school within five weeks of starting.

6) Where the Training Takes Place

The SCEA campus is conveniently located in Midland and offers two lecture thatres, a library, several breakout rooms, study spaces, computer facilities, a fully equipped kitchen and plenty of free parking.

The campus is perfectly situated for ready access to the train station, Midland Gate shopping centre and a range of schools in the area.

An online learning environment supports the interactive lectures.

7) How to Apply

Our advice is: don’t wait, simply apply now. There is no need for students to wait for their ATAR and they can apply to other universities at the same time. This way, they can keep your options open at no additional cost.

Applications are submitted directly to Tabor via the website:

  • Click ‘Apply’ followed by ‘Apply Now’
  • Click ‘Apply for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degrees’
  • Click the link titled ‘Please click here to apply for all other Tabor Courses’.

Entry requirements, fees and further information are found by downloading the 2017 Course Guide.  

Find out more: or 9274 6411