SCEA Through the Eyes of a New Staff Member

Found in: SCEA News | Published on: 04 April 2017


Music Teacher, Guenevere Measham, joined the SCEA family this year. Let’s hear about her early impressions of our Association.


What journey led you to SCEA?

It is a beautiful story. I was attending Dreambuilders church and always admired the Swan Christian College grounds when driving past. One of my private cello students, must have mentioned me to Swan’s music department as on one day I received three invitations to come for a chat. I was offered the strings program and was also able to do the practicum for my Grad Dip at Swan.

The full-time job opening at Mundaring came as a wonderful blessing as I already felt like part of the family. I feel God has placed me where I need to be as my son is now also here at Mundaring and is blossoming.


What specifically attracted you to working at SCEA?

I love the fact that we are a group of community-based schools, where our Christian thoughts and beliefs are threaded through the curriculum, not just saved for special classes.  It is such a blessing to speak openly about Jesus and to expose the children to the bible and the beautiful gifts of God through our actions as much as through our words. 

I have no experience of teaching at a secular school but have found the faculty here to be so supportive, generous and kind. We truly practice what we preach and are all here to help each other. The morale is vibrant and bright and that makes for a happy place for our students.


What are your early observations of SCEA?

Prior to coming on staff, I had no idea about SCEA. I had heard about some of the schools but I didn’t realise there was a unifying body. It was only at the New Year Kick Off that it really hit me what SCEA was. It is so powerful that we are all committed Christian. That automatically creates a level of trust that you are in a safe place. The good thing about being part of one body is the continuity and accountability it gives. To me it is also very exciting that we are a growing entity.


What do you enjoy about working at SCEA?

I love that I have been given the flexibility and room to create my own programs. Of course it follows the curriculum but it is liberating to be able to base my programs on my students and their artistic instincts. I also love that I teach across Primary and Secondary school as I can see the forward vision for my Year 1’s onwards.


You’ve been described as ‘music royalty’, can you give us a quick run-down of music in your family?

I have been immersed in music my whole life and come from a lineage of musical and Christian people. My grandfather was a music minister, and my great grandfather was a reverend. My uncle, Dr Stephen Shoemaker, is a theologian who has written many books on faith. My father was conductor at the London Symphony Orchestra and at WASO. My mother is a soprano singer, multi-instrumentalist performer and a music teacher.

I went to a performing arts high school in the USA and received a full music scholarship for my Masters at California Institute of the Arts.

I enjoyed some wonderful years in the music industry in Los Angeles where I worked on everything from music videos to string arrangements for some amazing artists including Mariah Carey, Rod Stewart and the Backstreet Boys. All throughout that time I always taught privately and to this day I treasure the relationships I still have with those students.

I have been an active songwriter of worship and praise music since my early twenties. I was offered a demo recording contract through Sony, which I left as they wanted to pigeon hole me into a musical environment that I saw as dishonest, and not purposeful. I want my own compositions to breathe life and hope and honesty with integrity. 

God called me to Perth 13 years ago and it has been the perfect place to raise our three children. My perspective has changed; whilst I still enjoy performing, I no longer need to be centre stage. It is more fulfilling to see others grow.


Any final thoughts?

I feel so fortunate to have been recruited by SCEA. Much as I am teaching music, I believe we are raising adults, helping them find their own creative voices and passions. And there is no greater calling than that!