SCEA team makes STEM excursion to Mt Lawley SHS

Found in: SCEA News | Published on: 10 December 2020

Yesterday’s excursion to Mount Lawley Senior High School was an opportunity for STEM enthusiasts to see some of the cutting-edge facilities on offer at the state government’s recently completed facility.

Ellenbrook CC Principal Mike Pitman was keen to see the 3-D printers and the storage spaces that STEM labs are now offering as part of the drive to technologize school classrooms across our state.

“Its about creating an opportunity for students to explore,” said Mr Pitman, “and see how education can really open doors for them into the future.”

ECC’s Ivan Lazar also took part in the tour of the facility, which will be open to students in early 2021. 

The architects for this state-of-the-art facility were from the ‘Carabiner’ firm, which has also undertaken work for the Western Australian Institute of Sport (WAIS) and the WA Ballet Academy.  The STEM facility was part of the overall building program of Mt Lawley’s extension wing, which features, digital lathes, large open-plan classrooms and mechatronics facilities.

Kalamunda CS Principal Dr Gregg Weaver sees STEM as critical for the growth of his school, located in semi-rural Walliston.

“This is absolutely crucial to today’s learning. This generation must be capable of handling technology and knowing when to use it to positively affect their world going forward.”

Swan Christian College’s Head of Science Kelly Dwyer, who is passionate about incorporating STEM into all part of the curriculum, took the opportunity to praise Mt Lawley Principal Lesley Street for giving the visiting group an in-depth tour.

“This tour is about seeing what the future of STEM learning might look like for SCEA schools into the future. We are working towards integrating STEM even further into our learning at Swan and there are plenty of good ideas that can come from seeing how other schools are approaching this learning strategy.”

The small group of SCEA staff are planning on more collaborations in 2021 as part of joint collective to improve STEM learning across the SCEA schools.