SCEA Staff Central

Found in: SCEA News | Published on: 01 February 2017

By now most of you should have received an email introducing you to SCEA Staff Central and found the new icon on your Desktop.

SCEA Staff Central provides you with easy access to all your School or College Policies.   It will also provide a repository for a range of other information and resources, which will be developed over time to make it easier for you to do your job.

It should be easy to find what you want, either by using the navigation bar on the left of your screen, clicking on one of the icons or using the search bar located at the top right of your screen.

Throughout each policy you will find a number of links to related policies, giving a richness to your experience.

Most of you will be aware the schools are subject to rigorous registration and compliance requirements, which are routinely audited by the Department of Education. This tool will help us remain current and compliant with all relevant legislation. Above all, it will help us deliver a safer environment to the children under our care.

One of our compliance requirements is to ensure all staff have read and understood certain policies. This tool give the School or College the ability to assign policies to read, and then asks you to complete a short and simple test. The system records the fact that you have done this, thus giving the organisation a level of assurance that the policy is understood, and that we have met our compliance requirements.

You may have noted that the content in different areas has not been developed to the same level. The important sections under Child Protection; Work, Health and Safety; and Student Duty of Care, have been fully developed; and we can look forward to other areas like Human Resources having the same functionality in the near future.

You may also have noted that there is “Log an Incident” icon within your school’s site. This won’t be active until a further component of software is activated, which should occur soon.

We hope you find the SCEA Staff Central site useful, as we look forward to its further development over time.