SCEA Constitutional Review Committee comes together with CSA

Found in: SCEA News | Published on: 24 September 2020

On Tuesday night the Constitutional Review Committee met for a second time. The Committee includes the following members:

  • Mr Robert Edkins (Chair – SCEA Board)
  • Dr Martin Bent (Association Member and former SCEA Chief Operations Officer)
  • Mrs Caroline Blake (Association member and former Deputy Principal at Swan Christian College)
  • Mrs Katrina Merrells (Association Member and Chairperson of the Beechboro Christian School Parent Committee)
  • Dr Graeme Cross (SCEA Chief Executive Officer)

The goal of this Committee is to conduct a comprehensive review of the current constitution and identify any areas where changes may be required.  Once the review is complete, the Committee will present its recommendations to the Association members for consideration. It is anticipated that this will occur during the 2021 school year. At the next meeting of the Association scheduled for Wednesday 28th October, the Committee will provide an update on their work to date.

At Tuesday’s meeting the team was joined (via ZOOM) by CSA’s Director of Public Policy, Mark Spencer, who shared insights into Constitution and Association practice, based on his extensive experience in this area on a national level.