SCEA Annual General Meeting 2020 : A Bright Future

Found in: SCEA News | Published on: 27 August 2020

A crowd of more than 50 Association Members gathered upstairs at Swan Christian College’s Conference Room on Wednesday night to take part in the SCEA Annual General Meeting for 2020.

While we normally associate the ‘AGM’ season as being around June and July of each calendar year, the COVID-19 restrictions meant that many AGMs were delayed or held online.  The subsequent relaxation of these restrictions in Western Australia allowed SCEA members to come together to celebrate what has been an excellent twelve months in terms of surviving and thriving in a global pandemic world, a positive upturn in student numbers in SCEA schools and a sense that the ‘SCEA ship’ is now sailing with confidence in the future.

Three existing Board Members (Shelley Forbes, Don Warner and Steve McAlpine) were re-elected for a further three years on the Board after completing their first terms together.

Popular Board member and Finance Committee Chair Kenneth Carter bade farewell after a number of successful years on the Board.  Ken’s distinctive cockney accent and gifts in Risk Management have been a welcome addition to the SCEA family during his tenure on the Board.

Ken was quoted as saying to Board Chair Rob Edkins, “I stayed during the bad times and I now leave during the good times” and there was a hearty applause for Ken as he was congratulated on his years of service.

The Grievance Committee now comprises Murray Thornhill, Simon Creek and Caroline Blake.

The next Association Meeting is October 28, 2020.