Saved at SCEA

Found in: SCEA News | Published on: 23 September 2015

“It was 1981 and my husband Graham, an electrician, was asked to do some pro bono work at a new Christian school in Woodbridge," recalls Carol.

Little did the Coopers know that this would be the start of an enduring and faith-changing relationship with SCEA.

Graham was invited to the opening of Midland Christian College where he heard about a meeting to discuss the opening of a new Christian school in Kalamunda. The Coopers were living in Lesmurdie at the time and were keen for their first daughter, Nicole, to attend the new school. They both played an instrumental role in converting the shops in Walliston into the buildings that would become the first location for Kalamunda Christian School.

“We were church goers at the time. We had an awareness of God but no relationship with Jesus,” Carol remembers.

When the Grossers interviewed them - as was customary at the time - they were only granted Associate Membership rather than Full Membership and Carol remembers feeling quite indignant.

It wasn’t until she volunteered in the classroom when Nicole started in Pre-Primary, that listening to what was taught made her realise that there was so much more to being a Christian than simply going to church.

18 months later the Kalamunda Principal, Greg Wells, noticed such a supernatural difference in Carol and Graham that they were invited to become full members of the Association, after which they both served on the Kalamunda Christian School council for some time.

Following the construction of the current Kalamunda Christian School grounds, they moved across the hill to Chidlow, where they changed churches and were baptized together in Lake Leschenaultia.

They immediately connected with people at Mundaring Christian College, which at the time was meeting in Sawyers Valley Church, and were again intricately involved with building the school at Walker Street.

“Those were great days," says Carol. “Everybody got involved and the kids felt real ownership of the school as they helped paint parts of the wall or lay bricks. Some of those kids are actually now parents at the school.”

Carol has been in various roles from Kindergarten Assistant to Enrolments Officer/Executive Administration these past decades and believes that what makes working at SCEA so special is the fact that at Mundaring Christian College, everyone comes together to be as one in the morning for devotions and prayer before going into their day.

“SCEA has been a huge part of our life,” Carol says.  “I am forever grateful for the teachers in Nicole’s Pre-Primary class. Teachers may not realize that the small things they say, can have a huge impact on the parents who are listening.”