Out & About: Northshore’s Stuart Chisholm

Found in: SCEA News | Published on: 25 June 2020

On Friday June 12, Richelle Schokman and Stuart Chisholm from Northshore Christian Grammar School visited the Yanchep Shopping Centre to meet local folk and promote the benefits of their ever-growing school campus in Shorehaven.

It was a far cry from Stuart’s last visit in 2016.

The school was just a dream at that time with architectural renders and uniform designs being the only semblance of a school that the local community could see of the vision for Northshore.

Four years on, Stuart was greeted by parents, grandparents and local shoppers who were happy to hear about the progress that his school has made as it extends to Year 10 in 2021.

Stuart was humble about the success of the school to date:

“They all came today for Mrs Schokman, but they got me instead,” said Mr Chisholm as he handed out balloons to youngsters enamoured with the mannequins dressed in the Northshore uniforms.

“In all seriousness, the Early Years team has been magnificent for us with their play-based learning and the positive affirmation we have seen today bears that out. We have got a bright future in front of us, and its exciting to be back after a number of years and track the progress of the school with these people.”

Mr Chisholm has a surprise ready for his next shopping centre visit, but his hints were very mysterious.

“Well, its motorized. It’s a sign of the future. You’ll have to wait to see what we’ve got planned.

If you live in the northern suburbs, keep an eye out for the ‘gold-and-grey army’ in the shopping centres over the mid-year break. What could this surprise be?