‘Open Book’ opens doors for SCEA’s Biblical Literacy Program

Found in: SCEA News | Published on: 28 May 2020

Yesterday was a special day for SCEA.

Selected teachers and staff from all SCEA workplaces came together at Ellenbrook Christian College to take part in the first Facilitator’s Workshop for the new ‘Open Book’ Biblical Literacy Project Facilitator Training.

Presenters Dr Brian Harris (Vose Seminary) and Jon Bergmann (formerly of Vose Seminary) introduced the concepts of understanding the Bible and ‘wrestling with truths’ to approximately 40 facilitators. They then debated ideas and concepts raised in the Bible in order to help understand the Biblical narrative more clearly.

The SCEA facilitators who attended the training will now go back to their SCEA workplaces and deliver these learning modules on different dates throughout 2020.

Understanding the Bible on a number of levels is not for the faint-hearted, and there are a number of theological differences that often arise in our lunchtime conversations across SCEA.

Presenter Jon Bergmann feels very strongly about the need for an understanding of Biblical truths in our schools.

“Many young people today have questions about Christianity.  We need to explain the concept of Jesus into a complex world.  So far, I don’t feel that many of us have investigated this as much as we could. That is one of the purposes of Open Book in our Christian schools.”

Dr Brian Harris, the Principal of Vose Seminary, chose to be a part of this initiative for the benefit of Christian teachers working in schools across Australia, but also for the benefit of our own lives and our own salvation.

“As Christians, we often don’t read our Bible enough, or read our Bible correctly.  My hope with this Open Book program is that we are prompted to read our Bible more often, and also understand the Bible more effectively for us in our lives.”

SCEA CEO, Dr Graeme Cross sees this training as working towards a strategic goal for SCEA broadly, but he was also keen to see each individual staff member’s life touched and refreshed by the spiritual truths that are referred to in the Open Book curriculum.

“In visiting our schools and in talks with our Association and the Board, it seems clear that we are looking at what it means to be a Christian organization. Increasing our Biblical literacy is the first step for us. I also hope that this is a revitalizing process for each person.”

The goal as part of this ‘Open Book’ training is to understand our Bible, read our Bible more often and understand where our students and other teachers are coming from when they interact with the Bible.

Keep your eyes and ears open for ‘Open Book’ in your SCEA school across 2020!