Music Matters at KCS

Found in: SCEA News | Published on: 01 July 2016

Kalamunda Christian School believes that all learning areas are important. When schools begin to feel the pressure of maintaining high literacy and numeracy standards, often music as well as other learning areas can quickly be demoted to a low priority.

However, research shows that a child’s participation in musical activity may actually prove highly beneficial in their development of life skills, and have a positive effect in multiple learning areas. Many such results have been witnessed first hand at Kalamunda Christian School, which is why music is firmly embedded in the life of the school.

A love of music is awakened in students as they participate in singing, movement and instrumental music making from Pre-Kindergarten through to Year 6. The Junior Choir can be joined from Year 2 and once students are in Year 4 or above, they may have instrumental lessons with specialist teachers, sing in the Senior Choir and join either the Training or Performing Bands. 

Every year Kalamunda Christian School hosts a 2-day Performing Arts Workshop for students across the Swan Christian Education Association, who play in training and performing bands. Alongside musical skill development, students enjoy team building and leisure activities to help them appreciate their role as members of a musical team.

The workshop culminates in a Performing Arts Concert, a highlight of the school, featuring the Training Band, Performing Band, Junior and Senior Choir and Percussion Ensemble.

“We are pleased to be known as a school that is alive with music and performing arts,” said Mrs Michelle Cockrell, Principal of Kalamunda Christian School.

“In addition to the music program, we host our very own X-Factor and a dramatic reading competition.

“Another highlight is taking part in the annual SCEA-Vision Foreign Language Performing Arts contest and Choral Fest with our sister schools.

“There is nothing more rewarding than seeing students flourish as they take the stage,” Mrs Cockrell said.