Mike Pitman’s Principal Induction: Surviving Underwater!

Found in: SCEA News | Published on: 30 July 2020

Mike Pitman's Principal InductionA packed auditorium at Ellenbrook Christian College sang and applauded for Mr Mike Pitman on Tuesday morning as he was inducted as Principal of the campus. 

While Mr Pitman has been in the role for some time now, the opportunity to meet as a group due to COVID-19 restrictions lifting allowed the students, SCEA Executive and visiting pastors and community members to pay their respects to man who has already made a very positive impression on the College.

“Its fair to say that Mike has a deep desire to see every one of you flourish,” said SCEA CEO Dr Graeme Cross to the gathered assembly, “and that includes students, staff and anyone else in this community.”

Mr Pitman joins Ellenbrook Christian College after a career serving in SCEA schools (Kalamunda Christian, Midland Christian (now Swan Christian Junior) and also at Southern Hills Christian College. He spent ten years at Scots College in Sydney at their Glengarry campus and has now returned to his home in Western Australia to see Ellenbrook Christian College thrive.

Mr Pitman spoke a little of his family history, particularly about his father who joined the British Navy at 17 years of age, was at sea as a submariner at 18 years of age despite being a non-swimmer.

“The three things that were critical in that situation were: trust in the purpose of the mission, rely on the effectiveness of the equipment and have faith in the competence of the people around you.  Those three things are also what we can use to go into the world and serve the people around us,” said Mr Pitman.

The dependence on God and the having a ‘fixed point’ to navigate towards were critical guiding lights in the life of Mr Pitman as he quote Matthew 6: 33 for gathered crowd:

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”

Please pray for Mike and his family as he continues to lead the Ellenbrook Christian College.  A marvellous thankyou to all of the Ellenbrook staff and students who put on an excellent event!