Kalamunda Hosts Laugh Fest

Found in: SCEA News | Published on: 01 October 2016

On 28 October, Kalamunda Christian School hosted its first Laugh Fest Community Night.

Hundreds of people from the local and school community came along to enjoy a picnic dinner and performance of family friendly comedy classics.

Principal Michelle Cockrell said, “The focus at our school is not only on individuals achieving well academically but balancing that with opportunities that challenge them in different areas such as visual arts, sport, drama, public speaking and performing arts.”

“In addition to band and choir performances, performers from our very own X-Factor, our dramatic reading team and our upcoming production of Cinderella & Rockerfella at the Kalamunda Arts Centre enjoyed entertaining the attendees.

“It is a privilege to provide the backdrop for such a fun family night, where people get to discover our world.”

Attendees sprawled on beanbags and picnic rugs as they enjoyed the entertainment and food trucks on site.

The evening coincided with open classrooms, where students proudly displayed their work, a school expo giving information on the various programs and teaching methods implemented at Kalamunda Christian School, and a book fair.

“What was also evident through conversations with parents on the evening was the sense of ownership our students have of their school. Kalamunda Christian School is a school that has a place for every child to grow and shine,” Mrs Cockrell said.