Getting to Know Michael Raiter

Found in: SCEA News | Published on: 17 February 2016

We are excited to be welcoming Michael Raiter, Director for the Centre for Biblical Preaching, to the Better Education Conference. Michael will be leading the Christian education workshops.

He gave some of his precious time so we could get to know him a bit: 

Can you tell us a little about your Christian walk?

I’ve been a committed Christian for over 40 years.  Education has been the sphere in which I’ve exercised my ministry, predominantly in theological education.  I’m always deeply concerned to keep alive my passion for Christ and his service.  Passionate preaching and teaching springs from a heart passionate for God and his glory.

What led you to Pakistan?

I went there initially as a high school English teacher. I heard of a need for an English teacher in the missionary children’s boarding school. Those three-and-a-half years were formative in my Christian life, and would set the trajectory for my future service.  Having been deeply impacted by the overwhelming spiritual needs of Pakistan, I later returned to be involved in theological education. 

How does your work of teaching preachers apply to teachers?

The basic principles apply to both: be faithful in how you handle the Bible; be interesting and engaging both in your content and your delivery; be clear and well structured; apply what you teach to everyday life.

What do you see as the role of Christian schools in today’s society?

Each of my 4 children benefited from education in Christian schools. The best of these schools enabled them to think Christianly about life and the subjects they were studying. Very important also is the school environment; to be in a context where the teachers are lovingly committed to the students and their holistic welfare.

Do you have any encouragement for our staff, who often teach from a biblical world view to non Christian students?

The apostle Paul tells us not to be ashamed of the gospel.  Indeed, we shouldn’t be ashamed of the Christian world view.  It is the most compelling and persuasive explanation for why our world is the way it is.  We are providing our students with the lens through which they can understand reality.

What can staff look forward to when they come to your workshops?

Not another talk!  It’s my conviction that a workshop should be true to its name. While I’ll present ideas that I hope will be engaging, stimulating (and may be even life-changing), I’m looking forward to us learning from each other and our varied experiences in education.

Michael will be leading two workshops:  

Workshop #1           Teaching the Bible across the Curriculum

The Bible is the story which explains all other stories.  It is the story which explains our world, and our place as human beings in God’s world.  In this workshop we’ll explore this story and how it shapes all that we teach.

Workshop #2           Being Faithful, not Boring, in how we Teach the Gospel

The Bible is a book that is practical. So, teaching the Bible should not be a dry and academic activity.  In this workshop we’ll discuss how we can teach the Bible in ways that are clear and engaging, giving special attention to the place of illustrations. 

We can't wait to hear him share!