Faith Expansion

Found in: SCEA News | Published on: 01 January 2016

Biblical Foundations Curriculum Framework

At SCEA schools, Biblical teaching is deliberate and intentional. The purpose of developing a Christian Education Framework is to bring greater consistency, unity and rigour to the teaching of the Bible in our schools and to equip our staff with engaging, age-appropriate teaching resources to do so.

The online teacher resource contains 52 age-appropriate topics, with the emphasis on encouraging a thinking faith through empowered teacher ownership.  Each unit contains:

  • Rationale
  • Key concepts
  • Scripture references
  • Resources
  • Ideas/strategies for lessons

In the spirit of continuous improvement, in 2015, a survey amongst all teachers was conducted to gather information on the uptake of the curriculum over the past 12 months and also to hear from teachers any issues or suggestions they might wish to submit. 

Furthermore, dedicated staff have been appointed within the SCEA Institute of Teaching and Learning to support staff across the schools to utilise each of the topics in the BFCF, ensure cohesion in the delivery of the framework and also further develop relevant materials.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care underpins all the educational programmes at our schools. Increased chaplaincy hours meant the introduction of an after school Futsal team (which participated in a community competition), as well as a weekly Youth group for Year 6-10 students at Mundaring Christian College and Kalamunda Christian School.