Ellenbrook Art Gallery Hosts Student Art Exhibition

Found in: SCEA News | Published on: 31 October 2016

On 27 October, the first combined Ellenbrook Christian College and Beechboro Christian School Art Exhibition was opened at The Gallery on Main Street in Ellenbrook.

Mr Justin Krause, Principal of both schools, opened the exhibition in front of an audience of over 75 parents and members of the community.

“We are delighted to showcase the work from both campuses at this public exhibition,” said Principal of both campuses, Mr Justin Krause.

“It is interesting to see the values young people choose to express in their beautiful works, from the environmental cares of the world to love and spirituality.”

In addition to the works of art themselves, the highlights of the evening included live music and drama students posing as living statues.

There are approximately 160 drawings, paintings, photography, media clips, sculptures, digital works and woodwork pieces on show, as well as a number of staff-submitted pieces. 

“We warmly invite all members of the public to come and view the works showcased,” Mr Krause said.

The exhibition runs from 10am to 2pm on weekdays and 1pm to 5pm on weekends, until 6 November. 

Earlier on 27 October, the Department of Culture and Arts hosted the launch of the Strategic Directions 2016-2031 at The Gallery, with The Hon. John Day MLA amongst the delegates.

The Gallery is located at 34 Main Street, Ellenbrook. Any enquiries about the event can be directed to Ellenbrook Christian College on (08) 9297 9297.