ECC Ends Year with a Bang!

Found in: SCEA News | Published on: 11 December 2015

Students from Ellenbrook Christian College ended 2015 with a bang at their annual STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Fair on December 10.

“The Senior Students demonstrate scientific principles by demonstrating amazing experiments”, said Mrs Mary Mclean, Head of STEM at Ellenbrook Christian College.

“They pick their own experiments, investigate the background of what’s happening, run the experiments and explain to the little ones what’s happening.

“This is our second Annual STEM Fair and we’re excited to be seeing our students demonstrating scientific principles,” she said.

Students participated in a wide range of experiments across a number of STEM fields, and involving physical, chemical and electrical reactions.

Year 10 students demonstrated flaming reactions, including the whoosh bottle experiment.

“Pouring methanol into the inside of the bottle, we swirl it around the bottle and then pour out the excess so only vapour remains”, said Madison, a Year 10 student.

 “As the flame erupts, and gas is released, the pressure change creates the whoosh noise inside the bottle,” she said.

Year 10 Student, Liam, demonstrated how gas trapped in detergent bubbles can be ignited as the gas escapes from the bubbles. 

Fellow Year 10 student, Isaac, demonstrated a Reubens tube. 

“The speaker at the end of the tube plays music, and the flames dance to the beat of what’s playing,” he said, as Junior students watched on.

Outside, Year 8 Student Joel was busy mixing nitrogen ice-cream.

“We added melted ice cream to the container, and then add nitrogen,” said Joel.

“The drop in temperature quickly creates frozen ice droplets,” he said.

Year 7 students Lachlan and Olivia demonstrated renewable energy experiments, showing how moving water can generate energy as in hydro-electric systems. 

Fellow Year 7 Students Angelina, Kirsty and Chris were demonstrating the principals of buoyancy which allow submarines to rise and fall. 

“A real submarine it has ballast tanks which fill alternatively with air and water,” said Angelina.

“If it's filled with the right amount it can float, depending on the density.

“When filled with water, the vessel has a greater density than fluid and so it sinks,” she said.

Finally, Year 8 Student Neo demonstrated a Van de Graaf generator, causing his hair to raise. 

Students from Beechboro Christian School also viewed the experiments later in the day.