Early Learning Bushland Play

Found in: SCEA News | Published on: 27 August 2020

Bushland Play is an exciting new program in Kick Start and Kindergarten allowing children to safely explore the natural environment in a managed way. Children are able to play freely, socialize, get dirty, climb and run in an aesthetically beautiful natural space. Environmental ‘treasures’ can be brought back into the classroom for special investigation, inspiring further learning.

This stimulating program rounds and supports the importance of nature play. Children are able to take risks and rise to challenges, grow resilience, imagine, make decisions and be encouraged in the joy of movement outdoors. Our program inspires our children’s love and respect for God’s world, nurturing positive environmental awareness and protection.

In their first bushland visits the children delighted in climbing trees, building cubby houses from sticks and jumping from fallen logs. There were squeals of excitement as they discovered a variety of creepy crawlies as part of this awesome learning experience.