Chilled Fridays at Swan Christian College

Found in: SCEA News | Published on: 05 February 2016

Chilled Fridays is a student led event that happens every Friday lunchtime at Swan Christian College's outdoor amphitheatre. From Year 7 students singing for their first time to an audience, to experienced piano, guitarists and vocalists showing off their latest song, Chilled Fridays creates a fun and positive culture in the school.
The event is organised by our current Year 12 Performing Arts Captains, who organise the acts, host the show, and are pretty good at filling in with a song when they are needed.
Initiated by several enthusiastic Year 12 music students back in 2009, Chilled Fridays has run consistently ever since. Students were practising and even writing their own music, and wanted a space to perform that was a little more casual and relaxed than in front of the whole school at assembly. 
Any student can perform for Chilled Fridays, which makes every week truly diverse. We have had Disney songs, classical piano, drum solos, a DJ set and a jazz band. Several teachers have also gotten in on the act and performed songs, with the Phys Ed cover band being a highlight. Additionally, we have also had visitors like the YWAM band perform for the whole of lunch, and a Music Prac student performed a set of his own original songs. Our students appreciate having something different to do on a Friday lunchtime, and are very supportive of everyone who gets up and performs.
Chilled Fridays has occurred in the café and the library for some acoustic guitar performances, and in the Maali Mia theatre during wetter weeks for stand-up comedy, a Battle of the Bands, a Bad Dance competition, karaoke or a Swan’s Got Talent. In the past, we have also had Chilled Busking, with 15-20 students placed all over the school, busking to raise money for Missions. 
This year’s Performing Arts and Visual Arts/Media Captains are teaming up to produce a radio station every three weeks, with recorded segments from around the school edited together with music to be played around the school. This had added an extra dynamic to this year’s Chilled Fridays.
Simon James
Swan Christian College - Director of Performing Arts