Challenging and Motivating Learning

Found in: SCEA News | Published on: 01 October 2016

Better Education Conference Workshop Led by James Nottingham (Challenge Learning UK)

Summary by Tabatha Grubb

James Nottingham’s keynote address to the 2016 Better Education Conference was a knock-out success! He was highly engaging, articulate, humorous and so very relevant.  It was a pleasure to listen to him convey information about his model that defines the “learning wobble” and how we need to support our students to become comfortable with it, as they sink into “The Pit” of learning challenges.  We were reminded to inspire our students to move from the “practice zone”, where learning is easy, to the “learning zone” where it gets interesting.  Our students will usually choose the safer and less intimidating option, so it is our role as educators to set the culture in our classrooms, to promote the progress that comes from making mistakes.  We were asked to acknowledge that our expectation of our students plays a huge role in their growth and development – what we allow is what will continue!

I felt affirmed in the concepts we already have under control within our school, but was motivated to adjust vocabulary, set greater challenges for ourselves and our students. I acknowledged that we need to continue to push on to create an educational setting that promotes a growth mindset and acceptance of the learning opportunities that arise from mistakes.

Reread the slides from the presentation.