Can You Pour from an Empty Cup?

Found in: SCEA News | Published on: 01 January 2017

It comes as no surprise that the success of our schools is intrinsically linked to the performance and well-being of our teachers and school staff. It is also no secret that working at a school is uniquely challenging.

In addition to needing to deliver the curriculum (and do so with excellence), schools are a relationally dynamic environment where staff and students are an ever changing body of people, each bringing their own set of issues into the school setting.

Working at a school requires resilience and constant adjustment. It requires a strong sense of purpose, and occasionally a little outside help.

One of SCEA’s employee benefits is that an Employee Assistance Programme  (EAP) is available to all SCEA staff.  

Jill McAlpine, from Avenue Psychology one of SCEA’s chosen Christian providers, suggests the following two approaches for navigating challenges:


Stay within the safety of the flags when it comes to your ability to cope with the demands of work. Your capacity may vary if there are work, personal or family issues at play, so it is important to check in with your own warning signs (are you snappy, is your sleep affected or your performance slipping?), so you can be proactive in reaching out to a person of trust if you are feeling overwhelmed.


Because of your demanding vocation, it is vital that you prioritise time to refuel and recharge by regularly doing a leisure activity that lights you up. The golden trifecta of quality sleep, eating well and moving your body are essential building blocks of wellness.

If you would like to talk or glean some strategies to help you work with ease, you can make a free confidential appointment directly with SCEA’s psychologists:


Avenue Psychology, Suite 1, 14 The Avenue, Midland. Ph: 9274 6852 or email:

Psychology Australia, 10 Grosvenor Road, Mount Lawley. Ph: 9227 9796 or email:

The bottom line is this: our students can’t flourish unless we nourish ourselves.

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