Better Education Conference Dinner

Found in: SCEA News | Published on: 23 May 2017

The Better Education Conference Dinner will be held at the White Barn Function Room at the Rose and Crown Hotel (105 Swan Street, Guildford) at 6.30pm.

We will be hearing from Justine Toh on the following topic:

"When it comes to public Christianity, I suspect teachers have more experience than most (including myself!) of audiences that are hostile to the Christian faith—especially when it comes to students whose jeers and dismissals wilfully disregard the rules of polite engagement. Even though the whole endeavour can, at times, feel futile and demoralising, I will explore several reasons why it's worth persisting with public Christianity in the classroom - including: the increasingly religious profile of the world, the need to practice civil discourse in an uncivil public square, the endeavour to understand the religious other, and because nothing else can match Christianity's portrait of the human as made in the image of God."

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