Bee-ing Early for Kindy 2021 is working Bee-yewdifully for Northshore !

Found in: SCEA News | Published on: 13 August 2020

NS BeesNorthshore’s parents are feeling like they bee-long to their new class already.

Well bee-haved youngsters were issued with their Northshore ‘Playing Strip’ polo shirts last Thursday night at the Kindy Info Night at the bee-hest of Principal Stuart Chisholm who was positively bee-ming (that’s beaming for all the proof-readers) at the sight of welcoming a new junior cohort to his growing school in Shorehaven:

“I strongly bee-lieve in marketing our school with the Northshore Bee concept as it reflect the industrious yet happy and constructive nature of our play-based learning program here. I cannot bee-lieve the positive response that we have had to these polo shirts that reflect bee-longing, bee-ing happy and bee-ing busy Kindy kids who want to learn and grow at Northshore!”

Slightly bee-wildered? Or maybe just bee-fuddled at what all the fuss is about? Bee smart and check out the Northshore Facebook page to see more than 1,000 clicks on the Northshore Bee shirts today!

PS. Did I mention that the design is bee-spoke?