Across-school sharing and planning

Found in: SCEA News | Published on: 13 November 2019

Across-school sharing and planning


On Monday 11 November, 15 of our school leaders attended a state-wide workshop delivered by a group of South Australian educationalists who regularly organise and administer the “Wellbeing and Engagement Census” that students from all of our schools participate in.


The purpose of the workshop is for school leaders to collaborate in teams to analyse and understand their school results.


This year was the second year our schools have participated and so we were able to see the effects of some of the strategies that our schools had put in place to address issues raised by last year’s data.


Attendees were pleased to have the opportunity to both focus on their data and talk to other school leaders about ‘good news stories’ and concerns raised through this year’s data.


“It’s so valuable to hear what other schools are doing to address the same areas of concern that we have – we learn so much about different strategies, some of which we haven’t heard of before. It’s invaluable," said Will Meyer, Students Services Coordinator from Mundaring Christian College.


Dr Thelma Perso

Chief Education Officer.