A Feast of Languages at SCEAVision

Found in: SCEA News | Published on: 31 August 2016

A Feast of Languages at SCEAVision

The Maali Mia was an explosion of music, theatre and dance as parents, staff and teachers enjoyed the 3rd Annual SCEAVision Foreign Languages Performance Contest, held on August 23rd.

Representing each of the six SCEA schools, 52 participating students gave a total of 26 performances, in 14 different languages.

SCEA Languages Consultant and Contest coordinator, Mrs Mariel Howard told the audience, “We study languages to discover the many things that unite us, rather than focusing on the few things that are different.”

“Not only does being able to communicate with other people from all over the world help us when it comes to travel and foreign trade, it gives us more insight into understanding how our own language works.

“Most importantly, Jesus indirectly asks us to learn languages in His great commandment to “go ands make disciples of all Nations”.  The only way we can do so is by being able to speak their language.”

All participants, many of whom are repeat contestants from previous years, excelled and had a great time as they celebrated languages through song, dance and drama in front of a highly entertained and multicultural audience.

Languages this year included Burmese, Portuguese, Aboriginal, Maori, Hebrew, Indonesian, French, Tamil, Japanese, Chinese, Afrikaans, German, Romanian and Italian and many students chose Christian items, including contemporary worship.

The night commenced with a performance from the Swan Christian College Choir.

The judging panel included Mrs Jennifer Mudhan and Mr Karl Dietrich from Swan Christian College, Mrs Mathilda Joubert from SCEA and Mrs Renata Sykes from Kalamunda Christian School, and all of the language teachers across SCEA were honoured for their incredible work with the students.

To much hilarity, the witty MC, Mrs Rosemary Owens, invited the audience to participate in Japanese Kendama and Indonesian Bakiak, and, together with Mariel, also performed an impromptu rendition of La Bamba whilst the judges deliberated.

The winners were announced as follows:

Year 1-3 

Winner: Bianca  from Beechboro Christian school, who sang ‘Die Krokodille’ in Afrikaans.

Runner-Up: Megan from Beechboro Christian school, who sang ‘Soos die Klei in Die Hand van de Pottebakker’ in Afrikaans.

Year 4-6

Winner: Johan from Kalamunda Christian School, for his pop performance of ‘Af en Af’ in Afrikaans. 

Runner-Up: Rhudra from Ellenbrook Christian College for performing a traditional Tamil folk dance.

Year 7-9

Winner: Taylor, Benjamin, Brianna, Shelby, Elizabeth, Olivia and Shanae from Ellenbrook Christian College, for their French play of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.

Runner-Up: Phoebe Lawrence from Mundaring Christian College singing 'Pokearekare Ana' in Maori.

Year 10-12

Winner:  Olivia of Swan Christian College for her belting Japanese rock song, 'Kuusou Mesorogii’.

Runner-Up: John from Swan Christian College for an enthralling performance of ‘Prince of Egypt’ in Hebrew.

Huge congratulations to all the participants and finalists and a special thank you to the Language teachers and staff involved for creating such a spectacular event to celebrate the wonderful diversity and quality of the language programs within our schools.

“It is so exciting to see the competition growing every year! The majority of the people in the world speak more than one language. We have well and truly joined them,” Mariel concluded.