2015 Communications Plan

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We're excited to be launching our new communications plan in the second half of 2015.

New Communications Plan







 Next Steps

 Modern Websites

7 School Websites and the SCEA Website are Mobile Friendly

Refreshing our websites to be accessible on mobile devices.

Mobile-Friendly sites to date:


Our final website to be made responsive is Kalamunda Christian School.

A new site for the school is under construction and will be launched this year.

School Mobile Apps

First Apps launching soon.

 Developing Mobile Apps to deliver school news and events to parents; and make our schools easy to contact and navigate.

First School App to launch in Term 3, 2015. Roll Out to continue progressively.

 Responsive Newsletters

5 Schools are using responsive templates

Aligning our school newsletters to website news to substantially improve efficiency and increase use of websites themselves.

 Transition remaining schools to responsive templates; include SCEA news in school newsletters and automate processes.

New Members Message

New Format Launched

 Transition 'The Harvest' to a message specifically for Association Members, with up to date news on school events and messages from the Board.

New format established, Association members are now recieving monthly updates.

 SCEA Central (Staff Intranet)

Format under construction

Create a 'source of truth' for staff to find information on policies and support from SCEA departments. 

SCEA 'Staff Module' from prior website has been condensed in our new website, and will be slowly transitioned to the new Staff Intranet.

 Social Media Refresh

 All schools using Facebook; SCEA on LinkedIn.

Assess use of Social Media channels for content delivery to all audiences across SCEA.

Redevelop Social Media Policy and identify potential new channels to reach our audiences. 

SCEA Staff Newsletter

New Format Launched

Combine irregular staff messages (all-staff announcements, departmental notices, etc) in to a regular, trusted, staff newsletter.

New Staff Newsletter launched, with all staff now receiving a monthly update.