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Structure and Philosophy of Resources

The resource development teams have developed a series of prompts and provocations to guide teachers in their planning of Biblical Foundations lessons.   

Each of the 52 topics in the Framework contains the following sections:

  • Rationale
  • Key concepts
  • Scripture references
  • Resources
  • Ideas/strategies for lessons


The purpose of this topic structure is to encourage teachers to develop a thinking faith where we can take ownership of constructing our own classroom activities without having to start from a blank sheet of paper.  We all know that we teach our own lessons with more authenticity and conviction than just printing a worksheet from a textbook.  When it comes to teaching the Bible authenticity is of paramount importance.

In addition to the above structure some exemplar lesson plans of resource activities have been made available by the development team as examples of how the topic outlines may be interpreted.  We are inviting teachers to upload their own examples (using the Add submission function on the online Collaborative Curriculum Development Platform) of how you interpret the framework topics.  Please share generously to keep growing a rich resource bank of ideas