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No Problem Too Big for Our God

What is prayer? Why do we pray? Who do pray to? How do we pray?  


Although children at this age are too young to think and reason critically about their faith, then can demonstrate unwavering faith, that is faith as a personal trust in God and as having a relationship with God. It is something even very young children can experience. It comes from the Holy Spirit. Normally, children tend to trust simply and easily if they have been brought up in a safe and secure environment. When they learn that God is the creator, that he is invisible, and that He exists everywhere at all times, they believe He has power beyond anything on Earth and understand that He is greater than all things. We need to teach children how to talk to God so that they begin to develop a relationship with Him. (Matthew 19:14; Matthew 6:9-13)

Key Concepts

  • Faith means trusting someone enough to love them, and to trust them for things we may not understand
  • Talking to God/Jesus/Holy Spirit helps us to develop our relationship with Him
  • Knowing God helps us to pray for the right things
  • God answers prayers, but He doesn't always say 'yes' to your prayers. He will do what is best
  • The Bible teaches us how to pray.

Scripture References

Genesis 1 - God created the entire universe, that our big God is!
Genesis 1:26,27 - Created to be like God and have a relationship with God
Genesis 3 - God came into the garden to talk with the man and the woman
Isaiah 40 - the Creator of the universe does not get tired and he can make us strong
Jeremiah 32:17 - nothing is too hard for God
Matthew 6:9-13 - the Lord’s prayer, a model of our to pray. See whole chapter for the background of God’s care and concern
Matthew 17:20 - all things are possible
Matthew 19:14 - Jesus welcomes the little children
Mark 9:14-29 (see v 23) - all things are possible
Luke 11:1-10 - persevering in prayer
See any number of Psalms for models of different kinds of prayers. Some examples are:
Psalm 16 - a prayer for help (see V8)
Psalm 32 - a prayer of repentance
Psalm 8 - prayer of rejoicing at our good God is to us
Psalm 103 - prayer of thanksgiving and rejoicing
Psalm 121 - prayer for help
Psalm 63 - when everything seems to be going wrong and we are in a dry and barren place
Psalm 73 - a prayer of trust in God when the wicked seem to prosper and serving God does not seem to benefit
Psalm 91 - a prayer of complete trust in the Lord
Psalm 122 - a prayer of rejoicing that they could come to worship the Lord (see also Psalm 84)
Philippians 4:6-7;13 - rejoicing in the Lord, bringing our cares to him, the peace of God


Bible app resource with animated/read Bible stories and interactive features for iPad and Android


What is God Like? by Beverly Lewis (Book)

Gumtree Gully by Kel Richards

Daniel and the Lion’s Den
The fiery Furnace

Ideas/Strategies for Lessons

  • Keeping a prayer journal for the class and marking off answers to prayer
  • Prayer: “I can talk to God”. Draw around our hands; write a prayer; thankful circle – pass teddy around and say what we are thankful for – to begin to pray
  • Prayer request box to be kept and checked over the term/semester/year
  • Bible Story: Daniel in the Lion’s Den (read from Children’s bible)

    Discussion: We can know God through praying: Praying is talking to God!

    Pray all the time like Daniel…

    ASK: When can we pray? – e.g. when we open our eyes in the morning, in the bath, in the car on the way to school, before we eat, when we are sad, when we are happy.

    Be bold – pray by yourself but don’t be afraid to pray in front of others like Daniel…

    ASK: When could you be brave when you pray? – e.g. when our friend is sad/hurt we can pray for them, when our teacher asks who wants to pray at school, when we are driving with Nana and we see something beautiful – we can say “Let’s thank God now for that rainbow!”

    Trust God – that he will answer your prayers like Daniel...“Don’t ever think God doesn’t care about your worries or concerns. God is our father and he loves us even more than your Mummy and Daddy do. He wants us to talk to him and tell him our needs.”

    Prayer: Dear Lord, I thank you that I can talk to you at any time and in any place. Please help me to grow so that my prayers will also grow in power. Amen.

    (Hollie Johnson - SCC)
  • Matthew 26:39 - Jesus prayed he did not have to go to the cross but he had to go to save us. God’s plans are bigger and better than ours. Discuss at appropriate level.