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Key Characteristics

  • The framework has been divided into four phases of education: Kindy – Year 2 (Knowing God); Year 3 – 6 (Belonging to God’s family); Year 7 – 9 (Asking questions about God); Year 10 – 12 (Choosing to live God’s way), with topics to be covered across each phase.
  • The content is based on age-appropriate stages in the development of faith, which is summarised as a preface to the content for each phase.
  • Schools can choose how specifically to embed the proposed framework across each phase of education (e.g. a topic from each theme each year, or a theme with four topics per year).  This will require discussion within a school’s teaching teams of who will teach which topic, when.  The number of topics per age group equates to one topic per term, but individual schools may decide to give more or less time to specific topics in specific circumstances due to unique school priorities.  Schools may also choose to blur the transitions between the four education phases to suit their students.
  • A cyclical model is followed where the same underlying Biblical structure is reinforced in each of the phases of education as an overall narrative of the Bible:
    • creation;
    • fall;
    • reconciliation through Jesus; and
    • our response. 

While the Biblical story will be covered in more detail in different phases of education, we want to anchor this overarching salvation message in the hearts and minds of all our students as the essence of Christianity.  Since new children constantly enter our schools this core message has to be reinforced repeatedly. 

  • Recurring elements in each of the phases are:
    • core themes of: understanding God, understanding his word, understanding his people and understanding his world;
    • a focus on visits/visitors to connect to a range of churches (and their work) and the community;
    • a focus on Mission in each phase to emphasise values like compassion, service, justice and responsibility;
    • progressive development of Bible navigation skills;  and
    • developing knowledge of Christian history through the ages (whilst the development team felt if was important to provide young people with a basic understanding of the historical context of Christianity and the challenges faced through the ages, it represents only one topic per phase, i.e. roughly one term every 3-4 years.)