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Jesus, our best friend

We can have a loving relationship with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


Christianity is not simply or primarily a life-style, or a set of beliefs and it is certainly is not a set of rules to follow. Though it has elements of all these, Christianity is Jesus, knowing him, walking in by faith in him, living with and in him. Everything else flows from this relationship and only has value because of Jesus. In John 17, on the night Jesus was arrested, he prayed for his disciples and for all those who would believe through them. As part of this prayer he set out the oneness which is the goal of God’s plan of redemption. In the beginning we were created to be in fellowship with God, and each other, and in Jesus that fellowship is restored. The role of the Holy Spirit is central here. On this same night Jesus said that it was good that he was going away because then the Holy Spirit would come and would be in them. It is through the Holy Spirit indwelling Christians that the goal of this fellowship is achieved with the Father and the Son.

Key concepts

  • Fellowship with God/Jesus/Holy Spirit as the goal of life
  • Christianity is Jesus, to know him and live in him
  • The role of the Holy Spirit as being with us as Jesus was with his disciples, and through whom we know Jesus
  • All that Christians do, for example pray, read the Bible, go to Church, help the poor and so on, comes from knowing Jesus, are ways of meeting with Jesus and ways of being his hands, his body, in the world

Scripture References

Key Ideas
Genesis 1:26-27 - made to be like God
Genesis 3 - God came walking in the garden to have fellowship with Adam and Eve but sin destroyed that fellowship
John 14-17 - the last instruction of Jesus to his disciples on the evening he was arrested, preparing them for his being taken away and introducing the Holy Spirit and his coming role
John 14: 15-21 - the helper through whom Jesus would show himself and the Father to the disciples
John 14:23-31 - further functions of the Holy Spirit and the promise that Jesus and the Father would make his home with us
John 15:1-17 - Jesus will abide, be with, us as we abide in him. What it means to love Jesus John 15:18-27 - the world hated Jesus but the Holy Spirit, the helper, will tell the world about Jesus and the disciples will do so as well
John 16 - trouble is coming, but Jesus has overcome the world; further explanation of the work of the Holy Spirit
John 17:20-22 - the prayer that we would be one even as the Father and Jesus are one, and that we would be in them as well
Romans 8 - very rich description of the work of the Spirit, through whom we have fellowship with the Father and the Son
Galatians 2:20 - it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me
Galatians 4:1-7 - the Holy Spirt is the Spirit of the Son by whom we cry ‘abba’, ‘father'
Galatians 5:16-26 - life as a Christian is life in the Spirit, through whom we have fellowship with Jesus
Colossians - the whole book’s central theme is the glory and supremacy of Christ. It is extremely rich
Col 1:27 - the great mystery, God’s plan, is Christ in us the hope of glory
See the Gospels for how Jesus related to people, and so to us, and the Book of Acts for the stories of the early Church, for example the coming of the Spirit, Paul going to Damascus, Peter and Cornelius


The story of Christian the Lion

Daily Devotion for Kids: Fellowship With God And With Others Is Restored When You Confess Your Sin

Learning to please Jesus: http://www.jfhp.org/resources/downloads/discipleship_materials/JFHP_Following-Jesus-Children-Lesson_4.pdf

What is the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives today?

Hillsong lyrics - Best Friend

God gave me a best friend in Jesus: http://www.covchurch.org/children/files/2013/02/A1spring12.pdf

Jesus is a friend:


Peacewise (junior version)

Hillsong song  – Hope 2003/2004

Song and actions to 

Ideas/strategies for lessons

Role Plays of various Gospel stories
Role play the need for the Holy Spirit by everyone trying to touch one child who plays Jesus at the same time, then imagine the whole world. Through the Holy Spirit everyone can have a personal relationship with Jesus
Discussion - students brainstorm how they would explain Christianity to a friend who asked them. In the discussion that follows, lead them to see how Christianity is Jesus and all the rest flows from Jesus
Read passages and have a discussion on the passage, followed by prayer
Teach them to pray by using the Lord’s prayer as a model
Pray as a class as a way of talking to Jesus, but also have an individual time when they can pray on their own and start talking to Jesus
Teach them to read the Bible and they have a personal Bible reading time
Journal entries
Singing worship songs as a way of spending time with Jesus
What makes a good friend? A perfect friend? How does Jesus rate? Support with relevant videos
Look at the way Jesus dealt with a variety of people from the Gospels to get an idea of what he is like with us, e.g. the Samaritan woman, doubting Thomas

Strategies for conflict resolution – be a peacemaker

Drama: act out Bible friendships, then act out parallel friendship scenarios in modern days  
Loving others as a way of knowing Jesus, John 15 and a weekly focus on a particular friendship trait, e.g. trust, care, honesty  
Students become one the disciples and tell a story about what Jesus was like from that perspective

Joseph study – “And God was with Joseph…” each difficult time