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Jesus: God’s Special Son

Christianity is Jesus, Colossians 1:13-20. Students focus on the centrality of Jesus, who he is, what he did, how he saved us and what is he going to do


God speaks to us in many ways so that each of us can hear him in a language that suits us. Children respond especially to stories and through participation. The Church has a very rich storehouse here in its celebration of the birth of Jesus at Christmas and the celebration of his death and resurrection at Easter, not to mention the Lord’s Supper and baptism. In addition, the Gospels have very many stories which in their own unique way speak with great power as to who Jesus is and what he came to accomplish.

Key Concepts

  • Jesus is God's only Son ** The phrase in John 3:16 means that Jesus is God’s only or unique son. We become sons and daughters of God by adoption but Jesus is God’s Son by nature, that is they share the same nature
  • Jesus loves me
  • Jesus told how we should live
  • Jesus died to save me because he loves me
  • Jesus is the Saviour of the world
  • Jesus rose again
  • Jesus is now in Heaven and is coming again to set up his Kingdom
  • God, Jesus, Holy Spirit are one

Scripture References

Matthew 1 and 2 - the birth of Jesus
Luke 2 - the birth of Jesus
John 1 - the Word became flesh and showed us the Father
Matthew 3 and 4 - the baptism and temptation of Jesus
Matthew 8,9 - the healings and miracles of of Jesus
Matthew 13 - parables of Jesus
Matthew 14 - feeding the five thousand
Luke 15 - the parable of the lost sheep
Matthew 18 - parable of the unforgiving servant
Matthew 21 and onwards - the triumphal entry, last supper, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus

Ideas/Strategies for Lessons

Focus on the key events of Easter and Christmas, combine story telling with other activities like art, drama, prayer
Show videos and discuss with class what happened, questions they wanted to ask and so on
Teach prayer by praying as an example and inviting them to join - focus on Jesus rose and is alive and ears our prayers
Create small skits based on the parables or healing stories
Do a larger class production on one of the Bible stories, being sure to bring out the meaning or importance of the story (what does it tell us about Jesus? About God? About how we should live?)
Read/view the whole story of Jesus using one of the resources above - get students to have their questions ready