Northshore's Annual Art Exhibition Paints a Perfect Picture

Found in: Events | Published on: 12 November 2020

The second annual Northshore “Art Exhibition” ran from Friday 30 October through to Friday 6 November.

The work presented was the result of outstanding collaboration between students and their talented teacher Mrs Zani Inder.

The relationship they share and the conducive environment they have built is the reason we have such a creative and high-quality exhibition. But it is not just about art. Our students through their art demonstrate creativity, confidence, and a strong sense of identity. These are the foundations of wellbeing, health, and happiness.

This year saw the introduction QR codes on several works of art with some of our students speaking about their artworks. They explained what they were learning about and what influenced them at the time of making the artwork.
Student Quotes
“In art we learnt how to create different textures using paint. Our favourite project was when we made prints of native Australian flowers. We also loved painting the landscapes where we learnt about the Australian artist Polly Kim.” Chelsea Ward & Mia Harvey Year 6

“Art is like a puzzle, if I was the missing piece of the puzzle, I can always find myself and the missing piece of my artwork!”

Simran Rajyaguru Year 8

“To me art means having fun and being creative”

Celeste Tilley Year 8

“It is easier to express your feelings on a canvas than it is face to face.”

Sally Jepson Year 9

“Art lets you imagine whatever you want and there’s no limit except for your imagination.”
Ethan Nicholls

“I love art because it’s very enjoyable.’’

Berno Resch Year 4

“Art is so fun cause you can be so creative with your artworks and just express yourself and your feelings without saying anything. It is just something that everyone should be able to experience in their life. It just makes me happy”

Sofia Palamara Year 5