Getting to know Mrs Michelle Cockrell, Principal Kalamunda Christian School

How long have you been at SCEA?

I have been part of SCEA for seven years.

What attracted you to SCEA?

When I initially visited Kalamunda Christian School, I experienced a definite sense of community.  It was also apparent that as a school, we belonged to an association that set high standards in terms of educational excellence; opportunities to develop professionally, with a focus of impacting those around them and promoting the gospel to the greater community, both locally and internationally.

What do you love most about working at SCEA?

I love the opportunity of being part of something greater than a single school working in isolation. At any time, I have the privilege of being able to call on the expertise and collective experience of a highly accomplished team. We are blessed to have the benefit of steady guidance, thoughtful advice, remarkable judgement and a strong sense of community within our Association.

What is your greatest achievement?

The men in my life – my husband and our two sons.

What puts a spring in your step?

One of the many things that brings me joy is the reaction a child has when they are working hard on something and they succeed at it.  The excitement and joy they have over that accomplishment is priceless. I believe I have the best job in the world, both because I am convinced the work of building into the lives of children is very important and because I love the people and ideas that fill my work days. When I walk into classrooms and see passionate teachers engaged with students who are excited about their own learning, I realise I am indeed privileged to be a part of impacting the future.  

What is your favourite part of the day & why?

It has to be the first thing in the morning before class. The buzz starts … students have huge smiles, the energy is infectious and the conversation is loose and personal. The start of a new day represents new opportunities and new experiences – it is another chance to grow, progress and move forward!


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