Meet Laura D'Rozario, Graduate Secondary Teacher

How long have you been at SCEA?

This is my first year with SCEA; I am currently teaching English at Ellenbrook Christian College.

What attracted you to SCEA?

I was fortunate enough to complete a teaching practicum at a SCEA school during my degree. I immediately identified with the positive, Christian ethos and was witness to innovative, curriculum-focused teaching. I saw how these practices motivated students to play a key role in their learning and realised that this was an environment in which I wanted to work.

What do you love most about working at SCEA?

It is a pleasure to work alongside such a friendly, dedicated community of educators who all share a clear, academic focus and a belief in igniting a life-long passion for learning in students.

What is the most rewarding thing about your role? 

I enjoy being able to take a step back and allow the students to take the lead in a lesson with their discussion of concepts studied in class.  It’s wonderful when they forget the teacher is there and I am able to watch their interactions with one another.

What puts a spring in your step?

When I leave class and hear students talking with one another about how much they have enjoyed one of my lessons.  Intelligent questions or well-articulated arguments from my students also brighten my day!

What is your favourite part of the day & why?

I enjoy moments of the day when I get to interact and collaborate with staff from a variety of different departments across the school.  I belong to a wonderful community and it’s always great to catch up and share experiences with other members of staff.

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