SCEA’s governing body is the Board of Directors, comprised of up to seven elected members. This positive group of people spans a broad cross-section of expertise, skills and personalities and provides sound, strategic guidance. We have several sub-committees and our governance structure encourages best practice in educational and financial management.

Board members are elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Association for a term of up to three years. 

SCEA’s constitution, as approved by members at the 2018 AGM, can be accessed here.

To read the 2018 Annual SCEA Report, please click this link.

Swan Christian Education Association's Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors are elected by and from the Association's members. Our current Board includes: 

Rob Edkins

Kenneth Carter

Shelley Forbes

Don Warner

Steve McAlpine

Craig Clark

Terry Myers


Annual General Meetings

SCEA operates on a calendar year financial reporting basis and holds AGMs near the middle of the following calendar year. 

A well attended 2019 Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday, June 26 at Swan Christian College. Thank you to those members who were in attendance. Minutes from the meeting are available by clicking here.