SCEA’s governing body is the Board of Directors, comprised of up to seven elected members. This positive group of people spans a broad cross-section of expertise, skills and personalities and provides sound, strategic guidance. We have several sub-committees and our governance structure encourages best practice in educational and financial management.

Board members are elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Association for a term of up to three years. 

SCEA’s constitution, as approved by members at the 2017 AGM, can be accessed here.

Meet our Board of Directors:


Roger Edland

Chairman of the Board, first elected 2008

What is your current role? Business Consultant - Woodside Petroleum.

What are two of your career highlights? Leading a successful feasibility study for an Iron Ore major and working as a Senior Functional Consultant working to maximise returns from the manufacture of LNG on the world market.

What is your greatest personal achievement? Cycling is one of my passions. A great achievement was riding in the Cycle4Change from Albany to Perth with my two eldest sons, Tom and Ben. A significant amount of money was raised for the Swan Missions project in Kantolomba.

What attracted you to the SCEA Board? My parents started a Christian School in Geraldton in 1979. It had a strong influence on my appreciation of Christian Education.  Our four children have been educated in a SCEA School and we have been blessed through our children’s teachers. 

What is the most rewarding thing about being a SCEA Board Member? Working with a group of talented and inspirational people with a passion for Christian Education.



Annemie Beck

Board Member, first elected 2013

What is your current role? I am a General Practitioner. 

What are two of your career highlights? Getting to Australia and being priviledged to be part of peoples' families by getting to know several generations. 

What is your greatest personal achievement? Contentment in God with where my life is now. I am happily married with 3 wonderful children.

What attracted you to the SCEA Board? I wanted to make a difference in my children's education and ensure ongoing Christian education to prepare them  for the future that God has planned for them. By being on the Board I can help ensure that SCEA stays true to the role of providing quality Christian education.

What is the most rewarding thing about being a SCEA Board Member? Seeing all the progress individuals make in our schools as they mature. Seeing ideas and dreams become reality for our students and our organisation. 




Rob Edkins

Board Member, first elected 2016

What is your current role? I am the Managing Director of my own company involved in regional and rural economic development through soil carbon management, the growth of industrial hemp, the development of a unique ‘farming’ system that restores land to productivity.

What are two of your career highlights? The development of a small not for profit into a multi-million dollar organisation that delivered large scale economic, environmental, social and cultural projects. We transformed the organisation from a ‘committee governance structure’ to a ‘board of management’, with the community member’s full involvement. And, creating my own company that is successfully developing innovative business opportunities.

What is your greatest personal achievement? The work in progress of growing my boys into being gracious young men.

What attracted you to the SCEA Board? After working closely with the School Principal as KCS School Committee member, I wanted to step up into the role of Director to help SCEA fulfil its purpose in Christian Education.


Kenneth Carter

Board Member, first elected 2016

What is your current role? Currently a Health & Safety Manager for a company called Downer.

What are two of your career highlights? Becoming an Officer (Commissioned) in the British Army, and receiving an National Innovation Award with Downer.

What is your greatest personal achievement? Achieving a Master’s Degree in Management and Leadership (and becoming a Dad!)

What attracted you to the SCEA Board? I have a passion for Christian focused education, whilst being a man of faith, SCEA ensures a solid set of values are delivered to our children that are otherwise missing in the state education system. Over the last 12 – 18 months I have witnessed significant change within SCC and SCEA that has motivated me to want to part of the driving force toward achieving the aims and mission of the organisation. In order to be part of the driving force I realised I needed to be part of the organisations strategic leadership.



2017 AGM

SCEA operates on a calendar year financial reporting basis and holds AGMs held near the middle of the following calendar year. 

A well attended 2017 Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on Wednesday June 28 at Ellenbrook Christian College. Minutes from the 2017 AGM can be downloaded here.

Our Annual Report for the 2016 calendar year is available by clicking here.



In addition to its Annual Report which is produced in advance of the AGM, Swan Christian Education Association Inc is required to produce other reports relating to its operations. These are listed below.

Association Annual Report

Click here to access Swan Christian Education Association's annual report on the 2016 Calendar & Financial Year. 

School Annual Reports

Produced by 30 June each year to report on the previous calendar year, School Annual reports are available directly from each of our school's websites.

Workplace Reports

The Association produces a Workplace Gender Equality Public Report. You are welcome to access our 2016-17 WGEA report, 2016-17 notice of compliance and 2016-17 notice of meeting minimum standards.


We are governed by a range of policies and procedures to guide and protect the Association and our stakeholders. The purpose of our policies is to define the principles, values and rules of behaviour that guide our Association and our team members, how we manage our responsibilities to our key stakeholders and how we respect the rights of all parties influenced by our operations.

Our publicly available policies can be downloaded below. If you would like a copy of any other policy, please contact us, with the reasons for your request.