Quick facts about SCEA

 7 schools across WA

 8 locations

 600 faithful Christian staff

 4000 students enrolled




Who we are
Our Mission:

Is to offer excellent, Christ-centred education that inspires our students, families and staff to be salt and light in our world.


Our vision is to be a high performing system of schools that nurtures Christian faith development and improves educational outcomes to equip graduates to enrich their world.

We will get there
Through Shared Behaviours:

Strive to be Christlike

We aspire to the values exhibited by Jesus: truth; grace; hope; faith; love; justice; joy; service; peace.

Pursue excellence

All we do is to the Glory of God; we have a thirst for learning and growth that fuels continuous improvement.

Seek unity

To further our mission, we converge on positions that strengthen the SCEA system.

Have the courage to shine

We aspire to our highest potential, live by our biblical convictions and shine a light into others’ lives.

And by pursuing strategic improvement across
Five Key Result Areas:

Excellent, Christ-centred education

Excellence & relevance in teaching & learning

Safe, Caring & Challenging Environments

System-wide approaches

Community & Partnerships

Meet our 
Leadership Team

Statement of Faith

The Constitution of the Association includes an articulated Statement of Faith. You can read it in our Welcome to SCEA book, accessible by the below button. 


Welcome to SCEA