Capturing College life: Southern Hills Christian College marketer extraordinaire Mrs Letitia Sawyer

With Southern Hills Christian College (SHCC) enrolments at an all-time high and the College eagerly awaiting the construction of six new classrooms as part of the first significant build on the Bedfordale site in nearly 20 years, new Marketing & Communications Specialist, Mrs Letitia Sawyer must be feeling good.

“Actually, I arrive at the beginning of each day with an open mind and willingness to serve as I am on a continual learning curve!” says Mrs Sawyer.

“There is so much to learn in a growing school!”

This trademark humility has endeared Letitia to the staff and parents at Southern Hills, who eagerly await the College newsletters compiled by Letitia, featuring photos from the latest College events and journalistic writeups of the camps, special events and assemblies.

Letitia spent seven years at Carey Baptist College, where she held several positions, including the Personal Assistant to the Principal. She then held a senior administrative position at Alta-1 before close friend and colleague, Mrs Laurelle Coto (SHCC Head of Primary), encouraged her to apply for the position at Southern Hills.

“Laurelle and I go back a long way, and she spoke highly of her new role at Southern Hills.”

Letitia attends Nations Church in Myaree with her husband, Lindsey where they have been congregation members since 2016.

“The best part of my job here is interacting with the people and getting out amongst the students. The leadership here have a sense of integrity. They are investing in making this a wonderful College for these young people, and the staff have a vision – and we are growing!”

“I sometimes feel a bit out of my depth with all of the new marketing tools that we are using now in the digital world, but I am learning. As long as I am actively contributing to the school’s mission to create a happy environment for these students to learn and grow, I feel like I am achieving something with this team.”

Letitia’s photographic skills continue to blossom with social media posts garnering positive comments recently on her ability to ‘capture the energy of the students’ and ‘the life of the place’ in recent social media feedback. This is the result of the her hard work and dedication to capturing life around the school and at special events and school camps.

Tune into Letitia’s posts on the Southern Hils Facebook page or even the SHCC Instagram (!) where you might see her dropping a ‘hashtag’ or two in the near future!

See below some of Letitia’s photographic work for the College this term:

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