SCEA students in ‘The West Australian’ Newspaper

Friday 12 August was busy day for SCEA, with a number of staff and students travelling to the Governor’s Prayer Breakfast in the early hours of the day. Others headed to hear Mr Sam Allberry speaking on gender and Christian schooling.

Still, others opened their copy of the West Australia newspaper that morning to see two students from Kalamunda Christian School on page 9 as part of a large story highlighting the enrolment growth for private schools in recent months.

The article featured Tiernan Fitzgerald (Year 3) and Sulueti Ratulevu (Year 2) from Kalamunda Christian School (KCS) – both of who are happily enjoying their schooling at the KCS campus in Walliston.

In fact, Sulueti’s mother (Theresita Ratulavu) was a founding student of Kalamunda Christian School and an integral part of the early years at Swan Christian College.

“For me, it’s knowing the school values were pretty close to mine,” says Theresita in the article, “It’s about investing in good humans.”

It’s not every day that statewide newspapers call to feature SCEA students and so the opportunity to showcase our young people was a special moment for these two young students.

Special thanks to Dr Gregg Weaver, Mrs Tabatha Grubb, Mrs Angela Orchard and the KCS team for making this possible.

Chief Executive Officer, Dr Graeme Cross, was quoted in the article as saying, “The greatest challenges facing us in responses to this high level of enrolment growth are recruitment of staff and provision of buildings.”

The meteoric rise in SCEA enrolments now sees our student total at more than 4,400, with a number of classes across our schools at capacity.

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