Welcome to the very first SCEA Year in Review! The purpose of this reflection is to take stock and highlight the key achievements and progress over the past 12 months, against the backdrop of the SCEA Strategic Plan which underpins all of our operations. We hope you'll agree that 2015 was a fruitful and rewarding year, which has positioned the Association for a bright future. Happy reading!



Board Chairman's Report      Chief Executive Officer's Report

This first Key Result Area is all about Christian Education and includes the areas of faith development, educational excellence and staff recruitment and development.

Faith Expansion

A Christian faith is the backbone of SCEA schools, supporting the SCEA mission to be leaders in Christian Education in WA. Christian Education is not education about Christianity but education for the whole person delivered from a Christian perspective. 

To ensure consistency and provide support in delivering effective Christian Education, the Biblical Foundations Curriculum Framework (BFCF) was rolled out in 2014. This year it has been reviewed and extra resource has been added to ensure succesful implementation across all SCEA schools.

Several new pastoral care programmes were also implemented. READ MORE 

Educational Excellence

In 2015, the SCEA Institute of Teaching and Learning was established with the goal of pursuing educational excellence, by working alongside teachers and school leaders to improve teaching and learning within the classroom and beyond. A key focus of the Institute is to continue to build the capacity of SCEA teachers and leaders to deliver increased academic standards. Click 'read more' to see the Institute programmes on offer as well as the 2015 NAPLAN and WACE Results. READ MORE 

Staff Recruitment and Development

2015 was an active year in terms of recruitment, with 81 new appointments. The Association is growing markedly in its ability to attract extraordinary staff and industry expertise, and is providing excellent opportunities for ongoing development.  READ MORE


The second Key Result Area encompasses development and growth of both existing and new schools and programs. 

New Opportunities

SCEA's mission to partner with families and communities to offer Christ-centered education means that we need to adopt a highly proactive approach to seeking out new opportunities. 2015 saw immense progress in the development of two exciting new school campuses which are pivotal to SCEA's future. We achieved significant headway at Northshore Christian Grammar School and attained a long term goal of providing a complete K-12 education in the hills, with the completion of stage one of the Parkerville Secondary Campus of Mundaring Christian College. READ MORE 

Growth and Sustainability

As good stewards of existing school facilities, opportunities for improvement are continuously sought out. In 2015, the difficult decision was made to close Geographe Grammar School, which after five years had not grown to a position where it could be realistically sustained. Conversely, there was much to celebrate at Kalamunda Christian School with two areas of improvement and expansion, positioning the school for further growth. READ MORE

There has been a sense of community surrounding this project that has blown me away. We have had parents donating their time, skills, muscles, trees, decking, piping, bobcats and so much more. It is a testimony to our parents that they feel it’s important enough to spend their time on. 

Michelle Cockrell, Principal Kalamunda Christian School


Overseas Prospects

The Board’s directive to explore opportunities for new schools and relationships has led to a host of initiatives in the Philippines. The Projects team has gained good ground in bringing to life the aim of establishing an International school there. READ MORE

The focus of the third Key Result Area is on internal and external partnerships and relationships.

Cross-school Collaboration

Individually our schools are valuable and unique. Together, they offer students exposure to greater character-developing opportunities. During 2015 an ever increasing range of cross-school initiatives were implemented and supported, maximising the benefit to students and staff of belonging to a system of schools. From music-making to academic challenges and a festival of foreign languages, each of these events celebrated the diversity and quality of SCEA students and programmes. READ MORE 

SCEA Communciations

Another key strategic initiative was to improve the communications within SCEA and as such, a new SCEA communications plan was launched this year. Spanning an increase in the quality and quantity of information shared with Association Members and Staff, as well as recognising the need for SCEA to meet parents' needs of more information on-the-go, SCEA's internal and external communication has been overhauled with great success. READ MORE

New Partnerships

As Christians, SCEA recognises that fruitful relationships are the key to working as one effective body. Doors were opened and several strategic partnerships developed in 2015, leading to exciting long term opportunities. We are very excited about our new local, interstate and international partners. READ MORE

External Consultancy

As part of SCEA's vision to become leaders in Christian Education and to serve the wider education profession through sharing of skills, the SCEA Institute of Teaching and Learning engages in external advocacy and consultancy work with other schools and government agencies, making a financial contribution so that it can better serve the needs of SCEA schools. We are glad that the Institute was able to serve a number of fellow Christian schools in 2015, as well as represent our Association positively to the broader education sector. READ MORE


The final Key Result Area defines the governance and stewardship of the Association’s human and physical assets and the leveraging of these assets across the Organisation.

Governance Enhancements

With a keen desire for continuous improvement, a number of governance initiatives have been undertaken in 2015. Historically, SCEA’s satisfaction surveys have been internally conducted amongst a sample of parents and staff only, with the output being a comparison of our schools against each other. In a desire to understand our schools’ performance against industry benchmarks, an external specialist agency was employed to undertake a full 360 degree survey amongst parents, staff and students.  The output from this will form the backbone of individual school improvement plans as well as a system-wide improvement plan in 2016.

The Strategic Planning process included the consultation with Members, which provided an opportunity for a general review. We were happy to see Members in general agreement with the current Strategic Plan. Furthermore, the Board undertook an appraisal in consultation with the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD), which in addition to confirming the Board’s strengths, brought to light some areas for improvement.  This has led to the commitment to undertake a thorough review of risk throughout the Association. 

ICT Support

The future is heavily dependent upon technology. To ensure our students are digitally enabled, technology is built in to everything we do.

Karen Stewart, Director of ICT

ICT resources in 2015 were predominantly directed towards support, foundational work and the modernisation of existing facilities. We have recognized the changing information, communication & technological landscape and have made a significant progress in facilitating an increase in cloud enabled services. 

Financial Stewardship

SCEA performed a specific benchmarking comparison in the industry against other leaders in the independent education sector to review its financial performance and sustainability. This benchmarking has found that SCEA's overall results are in line with best practices. Areas for improvement have been identified and additional focus on these areas has been placed to ensure improvement in the future.