Ellenbrook Christian College

Steve CootePrincipal, Mr Steven Coote
5 Santona Boulevard
Ellenbrook WA 6069

Located in one of Perth's youngest and fastest growing communities, Ellenbrook Christian College offers a K-12 education.

The emphasis at the college is on the education of the child as a whole - emotionally, academically, physically and spiritually. The college views itself not as an educational institution but as an educational community.

The concept of community is the key. Children are taught to value and show compassion for all of God's people - locally, nationally and internationally.

The success of the college is measured by the quality of the people - staff, students and parents - and the relationships between them.

If you wish to discuss the opportunities for your child at Ellenbrook Christian College, or receive a copy of the Information Package, please contact a member of the Administration team on (08) 9297 9297.

Phone      (08) 9297 9297
Fax            (08) 9297 9298
Email         ellenbrook@scea.wa.edu.au
Website     www.ellenbrook.wa.edu.au

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